I LOVE THIS!!  My friend Kirsten Lepore is working on a new stop-motion animated film and a bunch of us got together and designed puppet extras for her.  Looks like little ol’ Fourvel is making a cameo!  I built the skeleton and head for this guy but she finished him up (i.e. 90% of the work) and, I have to say, did a MUCH better job than I ever could have done.  SO CUTE.  Can’t wait to see him move!

Posted with Kir’s permission.

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    yes good perfect
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    AAAAAAAAAAH! This is the best thing!
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    Preshhhhhhh! But first things second, where da fuck da knives at?!? I hope this gives us all the insight to what exactly...
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    Will be posting some of the other puppet cameos within the coming month!