Animation Friday!

This is a project by Cartoon Saloon, the Dublin-based animation studio behind 2009’s gorgeous The Secret of Kells. (Full disclosure, I have friends who worked on that film.)  A few years ago they made a series of short animated films illustrating traditional Gaelic songs.  Bean Pháidín is my favorite.

This piece is a shining example of everything I love about character animation.  Appealing designs, beautiful movement, expressive faces & emotions… and I LOVE Bean Pháidín.  It’s a beautiful song, beautifully brought to life here. The translated lyrics are also delightfully macabre:

It’s a pity that I am not, that I am not
It’s a pity that I am not Páidín’s wife
It’s a pity that I am not, that I am not
And the woman he has is dead

May you break your legs, your legs
May you break your legs, Páidín’s wife
May you break your legs, your legs
May you break your legs and your bones

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    Ah, of course it is! I tend to forget she’s the woman mentioned and latch onto the lines about being delivered from the...
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    Pádraig Pearse’s version is about Gráinne Ní Mhalle (sp? Am on phone so can’t cross-check). And that’s the version in...
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    I’m not sure how I’ve never stumbled upon these before, but they are gorgeous and I just submitted my order to get the...
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