Animation Friday!

This month I wanted to do something a little different and plug the current work of some of my very funny pals.  

I am very inspired by people who just MAKE things for no reason other than the pure delight of creation.  Animation is so time-consuming and meticulous that I sometimes forget half the reason I love it is there are a million little delights and spontaneities you can discover as you make it.  Pen Ward and Ian Jones-Quartey’s web shorts “Animation Pals” is a reminder of how spontaneous animation really can be.

You guys.  I love these. So. MUCH.  Carefully planned and painstakingly crafted animation certainly has its place in the world, but I also love the idea of recording some improvised audio and drawing Dr. Katz with a dog body, because why not?  It’s unfettered creativity and I can feel love and fun and honesty in these.  It’s the same feeling I get listening to improvised music or comedy, or filling a blank page of a sketchbook with new drawings.

Enjoy!  Episode 2 of Animation Pals is here.

Follow Animation Pals on tumblr here.

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